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Lawrence Gwala

When Lawrence realized that his debt was out of control, he was so desperate that he actually planned to take his own life. Lawrence’s financial problems began with one small debt. He opened an account to buy a radio. Little by little he began borrowing more and more. As a husband and father, he believed it was his responsibility to provide for his family. He applied for a credit card and the bank said yes. He applied for a clothing account, and the store said yes. And when Lawrence’s daughter was accepted for tertiary studies, he had to find the money to support her. He already owed money on his accounts and credit card, but he discovered he could take a loan. And when he began to find it hard to cope with ordinary daily expenses, he took a second loan. Lawrence soon realized that he was in deep trouble. He couldn’t see a way to deal with it. He carried a heavy burden, a secret he couldn’t share with anyone. He believed he’d failed as a man and after two long years of shame and anxiety, Lawrence wanted to die. He was planning to buy poison when he saw an ad for Pioneer Debt Solutions. After speaking to a debt consultant, he signed up immediately. “Pioneer saved my life”, says Lawrence. “They were so comforting and reassuring that at last I realized there was a solution to my problems. “I am not yet done with my debt, but I definitely feel stress free. I know that I will finish paying off my debts and there are no debt collectors chasing me. “Debt review is definitely worth it.” “If you are struggling with debt, please contact Pioneer Debt Solutions and they will help you.” “Thanks to Pioneer Debt Solutions I am proud to be Gwala, Mphephethwa, Lukhshu, Mdlovu, Majiya, Khilane.”

Sbongile Msomi

I knew I had hit rock-bottom when I wasn’t able to buy groceries for my family. I wasn’t able to pay for my child’s school fees, but when I realized I couldn’t afford to even buy food, and pay for my family’s daily needs, I was so worried I didn’t know what to do.

At first it was just clothing accounts, and I was coping with my debt. Then, when I was 37, I was so excited to be able to buy my car. It was like a dream come true, until I realized how bad things were. I had eight credit providers and I couldn’t afford my installments, and the debt collectors were chasing me for payment. I was angry, depressed, moody and short-tempered.

But eventually I confided in a few close friends and family members. I was so embarrassed to tell them what was wrong, but their response surprised me. They were so supportive, and I realized that I was not alone.

One of my friends had heard about Pioneer Debt Solutions on the radio and she encouraged me to go and speak to them. I desperately needed help and I was tired of being oppressed by debt, so I took her advice – and I signed up the same day.

The process was very simple, and the consultants were so welcoming and helpful. And I was so happy when they negotiated my installments down from R11000 a month to only R6500 a month. At last, I had some money to live on each month.

Debt review is not hard at all, but you have to learn to live on the money that you have and not on credit because you can’t take any loans when you are still under the program. I knew this was for my own good and it is definitely worth it. Pioneer does not only reduce your instalments; you are also rehabilitated. I started with Pioneer Debt Solutions in 2014 and completed the process in June 2019. and was able to buy myself a car on credit 2 weeks after receiving my clearance certificate.

Mapule Thabethe

My name is Mapule Thabethe, and I live in Germiston, Joburg. I first heard about Pioneer Debt Solutions on radio – Ukhozi FM that was the time where I decided to take my chance and seek help from Pioneer Debt Solutions. I sent them a sms and they called me, the consultant that I spoke to was very friendly and informative. Pioneer Debt Solutions really helped me because they were able to decrease my monthly instalments by half. When I completed the debt review process, I was able to buy myself a brand-new car and my name was removed from the credit bureau. I would really like to thank Pioneer Debt Solutions for what they did for me.

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