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    Pioneer Insurance Consultants

    Empowering you to be Financially Healthy.

    Pioneer Insurance Consultants is an authorized Financial Service Provider (FSP 46296) that gives advice and renders Insurance services to clients under Debt Review with Pioneer Debt Solutions.  Our main objective is to assist our clients in their journey towards Financial Wellness by offering Credit Life Insurance and Funeral Cover Insurance.

    Credit Life Insurance

    Credit Life Insurance is usually included in your original credit agreement with your credit provider, and the cost of this insurance cover is usually high.  Pioneer Insurance Consultants offers to replace this insurance with a lower consolidated cover.

    This insurance product is specifically designed to cover the cost of your debt if you happen to lose your income due to an unfortunate event of being retrenched, permanently and temporarily disabled, suffer from a severe illness or death.

    Funeral Cover Insurance

    Pay one consolidated and reduced premium for a funeral cover that covers you and your family. In an unfortunate event of a death, the costs of the funeral will be covered by Pioneer Insurance Consultants, giving you or your family members peace of mind.