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    20 July 2021 Thobeka

    How to break the debt cycle

    Millions of South Africans are unable to live without credit and are falling behind on their debt repayments, resulting in...

    21 May 2021 Thobeka

    Good Credit vs Bad Credit

    In the modern world that we are living in, credit is largely unavoidable. From home loans to credit cards, to...

    1 April 2021 pioneer

    What is debt review/ Debt Counselling

    In 2007 the National Credit Act initiated a program called Debt Review also known as Debt Counselling to help over...

    7 January 2021 pioneer

    The Only Person Who Sticks Closer To You In Adversity Than A Friend, Is A Creditor.

    The current economic climate, further driven downwards by the Corona pandemic, is seeing an exponential increase in consumer pressure. Household debt...

    7 January 2021 pioneer

    Coronavirus News: Coronavirus Economic Impact

    The sad state of the economy affects every one of us – it’s a global issue. So too has the...

    7 January 2021 pioneer

    Debt Counselling – Taking Stock & Making A Fresh Start

    “Spring is all about fresh starts, spring cleaning & planting seeds. The same, obviously,  would apply to finances. While debt...