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    Pioneer Debt Solutions: Your Trusted Debt Counselling Service Provider

    Have you been struggling with getting out of accumulated debt? Debt can oftentimes feel suffocating and impossible to manage, but there are solutions available to you! Here at Pioneer Debt Solutions, it is our objective to help the increasing number of people like you, who have found themselves overwhelmed by debt. We provide professional debt counselling services that come up with practical solutions to your debt issues. We have been operating since 2011, and in this time we have helped thousands of South Africans become completely debt-free. With over 50 000 satisfied clients, our track record speaks for itself. Start your journey to financial freedom today!


    Pioneer Debt Solutions has been helping over-indebted South Africans to regain their financial freedom for 10 years, and has been nominated as one of the Top 5 debt review companies in South Africa for the past 4 consecutive years.


    We make sure that your monthly debt repayment is an affordable amount by negotiating with you credit providers to decrease your monthly instalments and interest rate. After that, all you need to do is make a single, affordable, monthly payment.


    Once you have paid of all your credit providers, and have completed the debt review process, you will receive your certificate of clearance and be able to participate freely in the economy again as you’ll be completely debt-free.

    Benefits of Debt Review

    Allow our expert team at Pioneer Debt Solutions to handle your debt review in a safe and effective way. The benefits you can expect from working with us include:


    Our debt review process

    The Pioneer Group


    We help consumers struggling with debt by reviewing their expenses against their income and rearranging a payment plan to save them money.


    Pioneer Insurance Consultants assures the financial wellbeing of our clients by offering Credit Life Insurance and Funeral Cover Insurance


    I knew that I had hit rock bottom when I wasn’t able to pay my child’s school fees or put food on the table for my family. There’s nothing in life as worrying and as depressing as this; and it only gets worse when you have debt collectors chasing you for payment.

    Sbongile Msomi

    When Lawrence realized that his debt was out of control, he considered taking his own life…

    Lawrence Gwala


    Read our blog to get the latest industry news

    In our blog, our experts examine a little in-depth, the various parts of the spectrum of the debt process.

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    National Debt Counselling Practice


    National Debt Counselling Practice